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Sample Lessons Plans

The lesson plans from the EDGE curriculum cover a broad range of topics within both disc golf and academics.  To give you a better feel for our curriculum, we have provided two sample lesson plans below.  Our Classroom Linked Lesson Plan teaches a math lesson by looking at disc golf course lengths; and the Disc Golf Lesson Plan depicts a fun disc golf game with emphasis on learned disc golf skills. We have also provided a sample illustration that depicts a backhand throw.

Classroom Linked Lesson Plan
Disc Golf Lesson Plan
Backhand Throw Chart

SkillShot® Awards

The SkillShot Awards are given by the EDGE program and Disc Golf United for demonstrated proficiency at a variety of fundamental Disc Golf skills.

In increasing difficulty, the Owl (recreational), Hawk (intermediate), Falcon (advanced), and Eagle (expert) awards consist of certificates and embroidered patches that can be displayed on a disc bag, vest, or jacket.

SkillShot test courses may be structured (laid out on a football, soccer or other open field) or free form (laid out on an existing disc golf course). Colored markers on the ground indicate the locations from which the various throws are made. Scoring is based on distance from the target. The throws are all standard and participants can try repeatedly to improve their scores and qualify for higher level awards. At the lower levels, participants are given more opportunities to score, but as a player's competency increases, the number of chances is reduced and the added throws are more difficult.

SkillShot Challenge competitions may also be held, where competitors make one throw from each station, trying to compile the highest score, compared to others. Have a great time as you challenge yourself to improve your disc golf skills. Work on the shots and take your skills to the course. You will find that you are a better golfer and that your game will improve as a result of SkillShot!

For information about the SkillShot Awards Program Guide:
SkillShot Awards Program Guide